I wanted to wait until being sworn in before thanking everyone who supported my candidacy at SC4.  On Monday, I took the oath of office, and look forward to representing what is essential in education: students, teachers, staff, and the community at large.  If any of those essential parts are missing or ignored, the whole will suffer. So many thanks to all of you who expressed that support, and I include those who have voted for millages for the college. Without your financial support, the college is less than what it could be. I’m excited about the upcoming journey, and ask for your continued help and support, including letting me know when you feel the college is missing the mark, and, of course, when you think the college is serving this community well.


Stay in touch!  Stay safe and well.

Why vote for John S. Lusk as SC4 Trustee?

A trustee is someone who has earned the confidence of the public.

A trustee is someone who has integrity and commits to democracy.

A trustee serves the public by watching out for the public’s interest in its institutions.

Schools, colleges, universities - the institutions that educate our young – need board members who recognize and support the most significant work a person might take up and make his or hers vocation, and that is teaching.

As the noted American educator John Dewey wrote, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” In order to best educate students, the college has its mission and vision statements.


At St. Clair County Community College, the school’s mission is to “maximize student success.”  To me, and considering the day-to-day operations of a school, this means providing opportunities and support to help students succeed.

The college’s vision is to “create an academic and cultural environment that empowers students to succeed.”  Regarding academics, one of the more important lessons during this time of the coronavirus pandemic is that the country has a changed sense of who and what is essential. It’s not a board member who faces 25 or 30 youngsters in a Zoom setting; it’s not a principal, a vice-president or a deep pockets donor. It is a teacher, an academic expert.

The school that invests in full-time teachers, academic experts who make it their life’s work to help students move from one point to another in their academic, social and cultural journeys is the school that values the whole work of a teacher.

Having spent 40 years teaching – 34 of which have been at St. Clair County Community College – I know about the pleasures and pains of teaching.


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